I dont think the idea that our time goes faster when we get older because of proportionately living smaller amounts compared to the rest of our life is right. Why would we even think of our lives in years on the most basic level anyways. You know how when you drive and you don’t remember everything about driving that one trip? You’ve just gotten used to that memory template of driving so theres no need for it to be recorded in your memories because, after all, there is limited space.

Our brain prioritizes memories so that we only record important things. When we do those common tasks like brushing your teeth or driving, our brain just goes on autopilot until we are back to something different. That time driving might not even be considered part of our life because our personal past is made up of memories anyways. So if we dont remember it, it isnt our life anymore.

So, what if time goes faster because we just get more and more used to everything we do everyday. Nothing is new anymore. Wouldnt it make sense that out brains go on autopilot more and more until everything just flies by and doesnt really get counted as time we experienced living?

I just think time goes faster as we get older because of everyday life becoming more common every time it happens every day.


McMako Burger!!!



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OH, MY GOD!!!!!

by Joseph Joestar


a classic

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My queue is going to run out by tomorrow but im gonna be posting very slow for the next week or so. Theres….. matters to attend to.

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